The IEEE Student Branch Program

IEEE was founded in 1884 with Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison among its charter members. Today, IEEE serves over 400,000 members worldwide. Over 100,000 Student and Graduate Student members worldwide make up 25% of the membership of IEEE and are essential to its continued growth and vitality. Not only is IEEE the world’s largest technical and professional society, it also publishes a significant amount of the electrical engineering and computer-science literature in the world.

IEEE worldwide membership is geographically divided into ten Regions. These Regions are further divided into Sections that serve as the centers of activity for professional engineers at the local level. Your Student Branch falls under your local Section. You can locate your Section by visiting myIEEE and selecting Communities.

Student Branches provide an opportunity for IEEE Student members to begin networking in their areas of interest and future profession. There are over 3,000 Student Branches in over 100 countries, globally.

Starting an IEEE Student Branch

To start a Student Branch, here are the steps to be followed.

Basic necessities :

  1. Three faculty members
  2. Min. 20 student members needed to start a Student Branch
  3. Bank Account Details

(Note: Faculty and Students have to take up the IEEE Membership)

With the above, one has to file the petition.

The petition can be found here. Fill up the petition form especially pages 3 to 9 and then scan the same and make a pdf of it sequentially and mail it to [email protected] and mark a cc to us.

or any further queries on the same, kindly feel free to communicate with us.

SAC Chair: Mrs. Dr. G. Sree Lakshmi ([email protected])

IEEE Hyderabad Section Student Branches

S .No School Name Count of Members
Total Hyderabad Section 4045
1 G Pulla Reddy Engrg College 191
2 GITAM University 155
3 Univ College of Eng - Osmania Univ-HYDERABAD 123
4 MVSR Engineering College 122
5 Sasi Institute of Technology & Engineering 118
6 Gokaraju Ranga Raju Inst of Eng & Tech-HYDERABAD 108
7 Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology-KMIT 103
8 Balaji Institute of Technology & Science 96
9 Dadi Inst of Eng and Tech 94
10 Muffakhamjah College of Engineering & Technology 94
11 Geethanjali College of Engineering & Technology 90
12 Vardhaman College of Engrg-Shamshabad 87
13 Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering College 86
14 Sreyas Institute of Engineering & Technology 86
15 Vaagdevi College Of Engineering 84
16 CMR College of Engineering & Technology 80
17 Gayatri Vidya Parishad College Of Engrg 77
18 Koneru Lakshmaiah College of Engineering 77
19 GVP College of Engineering For Women 70
20 Mvgr College Of Engineering 70
21 Raghu Institute of Technology 70
22 VNR Vignana Jyothi Inst Of Eng & Tech 63
23 Sreenidhi Inst of Science & Tech 62
24 Vaagdevi Engineering College 55
25 Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Tech - HYDERABAD 54
26 Jayamukhi Inst Of Technological Sciences 51
27 Jawaharlal Nehru Tech Univ-Hyderabad 49
28 Indian Institute of Technology-Hyderabad 48
29 International Institute of Info Tech - Hyderabad 46
30 National Institute of Technology-Warangal 42
31 BVRIT Hyderabad 38
32 Hyderabad Instiute of Technology & Management 38
33 Shri Vishnu Engineering College For Women 38
34 Vignana Bharathi Institute Of Technology 37
35 Birla Inst of Tech & Sci Pilani - Hyderabad 36
36 Raghu Engineering College - Visakhapatnam 36
37 G Narayanamma Inst Of Tech & Sci (Women) 35
38 Institute of Aeronautical Engineering 34
39 Vignan's Foundation for Sci, Tech & Research 34
40 Vasavi College of Engineering - HYDERABAD 33
41 Stanley Coll of Eng & Tech for Women 32
42 JNTUK Univ College of Engineering Narasaropet 31
44 National Institute of Technology-Andhra Pradesh 31
45 Vignan's Institute of Information Technology 31
46 Audisankara College of Engineering & Tech 30
47 Jawaharlal Nehru Technological Univ-Anantapur 30
48 Rajeev Gandhi Memorial College of Eng and Tech 28
49 Prasad V Potluri Siddhartha Ins of Tech Vijayawada 26
50 S R Engineering College - Warangal 26
51 Velagapudi Ramakrishna Siddhartha Eng College 26
52 Vignan's Inst. of Management and Tech for Women 26
53 Aditya College of Engineering and Technology 25
54 Chadalawada Ramanamma Engineering College 24
55 Satya Inst of Tech and Management SITAM 24
56 Sir C.R.Reddy College Of Eng 24
57 St. Ann's College of Engineering & Tech-Chirala 23
58 SV Engineering College 22
59 Vidya Jyothi Institute of Technology 22
60 Andhra Univ College Of Engineering 21
61 Anil Neerukonda Inst Of Tech & Sciences 21
62 Matrusri Engineering College 21
63 Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering 21
64 Srinivasa Ramanujam Institute of Technology 21
65 Vardhaman College of Engineering 21
66 SRM University, AP - Amaravati 20
67 Vignan Institute of Technology & Science 20
68 Madanapalle Inst of Tech & Science, MADANAPALLE 19
70 Joginpally B.R. Engineering College 17
71 Mahindra Ecole Centrale 17
72 Santhiram Engineering College 17
73 Vellore Institute of Technology University, AP 17
74 Annamacharya Institute of Technology, Rajempet 16
75 CMR Technical Campus 16
76 Malla Reddy College of Eng.(CM Eng. College) 16
77 Sree Vidyanikethan Engineering College-TIRUPATI 16
78 KG Reddy College of Engineering and Technology 15
79 CMR Institute of Technology-Hyderabad 14
80 Kakatiya Institute of Tech & Science - Warangal 14
81 Narasaraopeta Engineering College 13
82 Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Tech - Proddatur 12
83 Geethanjali Institute of Science & Technology 12
84 Hyderabad Univ Of - School Of Maths & Comp Sci 12
85 Jawaharlal Nehru Technological Univ-Viziangaram 12
86 Kommuri Pratap Reddy Institute of Technology 12
87 Padmasri Dr B V Raju Inst of Tech 12
88 Sridevi Women'S Engineering College 12
89 Govt College Of Engrg-Ananthapur/Jntu Univ 11
90 Sphoorthy Engineering College 11
91 Tirumala Engineering College 11
92 Vasireddy Venkatadri Institute of Technology 11
93 Mahatma Gandhi Inst Of Tech 8
94 Malla Reddy Institute of Technology & Science 8
95 Osmania Univ 8
96 Jawaharlal Nehru Technological Univ-Kakinada 7
97 Centurion Univ of Technology & Management, AP 6
98 CVR College of Engineering 6
99 Malla Reddy Institute of Enging and Tech. 5
100 Methodist College of Engineering & Technology 5
101 RVR &JCOP College Of Engrg 5
102 Acharya Nagarjuna University 4
103 Bapatla Engineering College Mahatmajipuram 3
104 Vishnu Institute Of Technology 3
105 Bharath Inst Of Engineering & Tech 2
106 Gudlavalleru Engineering College 2
107 Kakatia Inst Of Tech & Science Kaktia Univ 2
108 Konneru L College Of Engrg-Guntur/Nagarjuna U 2
110 NBKR Inst Of Tech-Vidyanagar/Sri Venkateswar 2
111 Rajeev Gandhi Memorial College of Eng & Tech 2
112 Vignan University - GUNTUR 2
113 Aditya Institute Of Tech & Management - Tekkali 1
114 CMR Engineering College 1
115 Dravidian University 1
116 Godavari Inst Of Eng & Tech 1
117 Guru Nanak Institutions Technical Campus-HYDERABAD 1
118 Jawaharlal Nehru Technical Univ - Andhra Pradesh 1
119 Jawaharlal Nehru Technological Univ-Pulivendula 1
120 Kakatia Univ 1
121 KKR & KSR Institute of Tech & Sciences 1
122 Loyola Inst Of Tech & Mgmt 1
123 Malla Reddy Eng College 1
124 Nagarjanasagar College Of Engrg-Hyderabad/Jnt 1
125 PSCMR College of Engineering and Technology 1
126 Rajiv Gandhi Memorial College Of Engr 1
127 Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies 1
128 Rayalaseema University 1
129 Scient Inst Of Tech 1
130 Shadan College Of Engg & Tech 1
131 Sri Sathya Sai Inst Of Higher Learning 1
132 TKR College of Engineering and Tech 1

IEEE organization

To provide services for members, IEEE depends not only on a well-trained staff but also on thousands of dedicated volunteers, including Student Branch officers, faculty counselors, Section officers, and Regional volunteers. The Student Activities Committee, Student Services Headquarters staff, Student Branch Chapters, Student Branch affinity groups, and faculty counselors are all committed to the success of the student program. To review the formal guidelines for the student program, please refer to the Member and Geographic Activities Operations Manual (PDF, 361 KB).

Branch administration

The responsibility for administering Branch operations lies within your Student Branch Executive Committee. The Executive Committee should consist of all of the Branch Officers, sub-committee Chairs, and the Branch Counselor. The key to an efficient and fun Executive Committee lies in regular meetings and good communication. Please see the Branch Calendar (PDF, 286 KB).

SB Executive Committee

The key to running a successful Student Branch is in the administration. There are several key positions: the Branch Officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary), the Branch Counselor (or Faculty Advisor), and the subcommittee Chairs. While each has somewhat different duties, it is important to work together as a team. All officers should be aware of the benefits of IEEE membership. Find more information.

Student Branch operations

Effective Student Branch operations comes from knowing how to develop a varied and interesting program of activities for members. The intent of this section is to provide you with some ideas on how to keep your Student Branch vibrant and how to provide new services to your members.

Student Branch program

In planning your Branch programs for the year, it is important to keep in mind that events where students are highly engaged are critical to your Branch’s success. Ask your members what their interests are and invite them to participate in a subcommittee that interests them. When choosing an event, you should ask several questions to evaluate the potential of that event:

  1. Will this event attract new members?

  2. Do we have the resources to carry it through (e.g., time, people, funding)?

  3. How will it satisfy the needs of existing members?

  4. Does it meet a specific need for your Branch?

  5. Will you need to undertake a fundraising effort to hold this event?

Once you have decided on Branch programs for the year, you need to organize the subcommittees and ensure the commitment is there. 7. These committees will gain valuable leadership experience. Be sure to involve as many members (and non-members) as possible in order to ensure the growth of your Branch.

The following is a list of some activities that Student Branches have undertaken in the recent years:

  • Host an annual “Welcome Back” or “End of School” event to welcome and farewell your members
  • Collaborate with other IEEEE Student Branches, Young Professionals, IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu (IEEE-HKN), and Women in Engineering groups
  • Schedule speakers on technical or professional subjects. See SPAx for more information
  • Enter design competitions
  • Design a Student Branch website and enter the Global Student Website and Social Media Competition
  • Organize field trips to industry
  • Give tutorials to non-members
  • Raise funds for charity or Student Branch projects
  • Participate in IEEE conferences
  • Publish a Student Branch newsletter
  • Participate in engineering awareness programs

Student Branch planning

To ensure success of any Branch program, careful planning is crucial: assess the state of your Branch; identify major goals and objectives for the year; identify activities that will allow you to meet these goals and objectives. For each activity, develop an action plan.

SB Reporting requirements

To help you keep track of your yearly activities, your Student Branch is required to submit the Student Branch Activity Report. It also serves as a valuable historical document to aid future executives in their planning and records financial statements so it is important that the Student Branch Treasurer is involved in the preparation of the report. To encourage you to submit this plan and to meet IEEE Bylaw requirements, an incentive allotment of US$100 is given if your Branch has 50 or more members or US$50 if your Student Branch has fewer than 50 members. The due date for filing this report is on or before 1 November annually. In addition, IEEE provides an incentive rebate of US$2 per Student or Graduate Student member at your Branch (based on membership statistics as of 31 December of the previous year).

Completing the Student Branch Activity Report should help you evaluate the success of your program and to provide some continuity for future years. IEEE requires that Student Branches report their activities and maintain a minimum of 10 Student or Graduate Student members.

SB Elections

You can hold elections at any time. All active IEEE Student and Graduate Student members should participate in your elections. Be sure to provide incoming officers the Branch records and transferring any accounts to the new leadership. Assist the new leadership by developing the Branch program for the upcoming academic year and arranging for new committees to meet and begin planning. Be sure to record the newly elected Chair and Counselor information.

SB Membership

Attracting and retaining new Student and Graduate Student members is an opportunity and a challenge for most Student Branches. Student Branches have natural attrition, through graduation and to members letting their membership lapse.

It is important for Student members to see the value of their membership at the Student Branch level and the value of becoming an IEEE Young Professional. Find more information about IEEE Young Professionals. These experiences as a higher IEEE Grade member will allow opportunities for professional development, mentorship, and personal growth.

When recruiting new members, it is important to consider students who may not necessarily be in your immediate academic department. Students in the IEEE designated fields of interest can also benefit from membership. The professional, technical, and social activities that a Student Branch can offer are beyond just the campus and local experience. Be sure to direct prospective members to join IEEE.