IEEE Hyderabad Section

Executive Committee - 2021

Designation Name Organisation E-mail Membership No
Chair Sreenivas Jasti TCS, Hyderabaad [email protected] SM 41250549
Vice Chair R Balasubramaniam GNITS, Hyderabad [email protected] LSM 7600737
Secretary Arifuddin Sohel M J CET, Hyderabad [email protected] SM 90871309
Treasurer Bala Prasad Peddigari TCS, Hyderabad [email protected] SM 90578910
Member D V S S Siva Sarma NIT Warangal sivasa[email protected] SM 41597317
Member Nookala Srinivasa Rao Mathrusri Engg College [email protected] SM 85017068
Member Rajagopalan Kannan BHEL R&D (Retd.) [email protected] SM 40159914
Additional Secretary (non-voting) Vinit Gunjan CMRIT [email protected] SM 92020956
Additional Secretary (non-voting) Jose Reddypogu TCS [email protected] M 91129303
Immediate Past Chair Amit Kumar BioAxis DNA Res Centre (P) Ltd [email protected] SM 90732008

IEEE Hyderabad Section Revised Slate 2021

Future Directions Committee

IEEE Hyderabad Section constituted an exclusive committee under the chairmanship of C. Satish in the SEC-9/2016 held on 16 Oct 2016. The main objectives of the committe are recommendations to aligh the global objectives of IEEE and exclusively for the benefit of the members of IEEE Hyderbad Section.

More about the committee...

Future Direction Committee Report

IEEE Hyderabad Section at a glance

On 13 May 1884 a few electrical engineers in New York met to form the American Institute of Electrical Engineers which later became IEEE. By a co-incidence exactly a hundred years later, on 13 May 1984 a few members of IEEE formed a Section of IEEE at Hyderabad. This Section was formed by upgrading what used to be the IEEE Hyderabad Subsection that was formed in mid 1981 with just 25 members with the initiative of Mr C Satish (now a Life Senior Member), Group. Capt. Siva Swamy was the Chairman of subsection. Dr V Prasad Kodali, who was elected as Region 10 Director in that year gave much encouragement for the formation of Hyderabad section. The Subsection and the Section had a unique set of volunteers of merit and dedication especially in the 1980s. the section grew slowly due to the hard work of Gp. Capt Siva Swami, Prof B L Deekshatulu, C. Satish, B.S. Nagaraja et al. Prof. B L Deekshatulu was the first Chairman of the Section in 1984 who is now Life Fellow of IEEE.

The Section has been very active from right from its Subsection days. The Subsection’s first continuing education program was a course on “Signal Processing” held on 9 and 10 September 1981. The first short course by the Section was on “Secure Communications” from 13 to 22 December 1984 which drew over 100 attendees. Incidentally our section we conducted 32 continuing education programs in the first two decades. Even in formation of Society Chapters , Hyderabad Section has shown a tremendous efforts. In the early 1990s the first Chapter PES / IAS / PELS Joint Chapter was formed. Few years later a Computer Society Chapter and then a EMC/MTT/AES Joint Chapter were formed.

Today there are 9 chapters and 3 Affinity Groups and our Section.

IEEE Society Chapters
IEEE CAS/EDS Society Joint Chapter
IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (CIS) and IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society (GRSS) Joint Chapter
IEEE Computer Society Chapter
IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc) and IEEE Signal Processing Society (SP) Joint Chapter
IEEE Education Society
IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques (MTT) / Antennas and Propagation (AP) / Electromagnetic Compatibility Society (EMC) Joint Chapter
IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) / Industry Applications Society (IAS) / Power Electronics Society (PELS) Joint Chapter
IEEE Photonics Society Chapter
IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society (TEMS)
Affinity Groups
IEEE Life Members (LM)
IEEE Women In Engineering (WIE)
IEEE Young Professionals (YP)

Industry Collaboration

Industrial Relations Committee (IRC) of Hyderabad Section brigs synergy between Industry, Academia, Start-ups, Government and practising professionals by briging them together onto a common platform. Conducts technical talks, workshops with IEEE Society Chapters. Symposium on IoT and IEEE standards, one day workshop on UAV's/DRONES-Technological Advances and Innovations are among the important programs organised.

Awards And Recognition

IEEE Hyderabad Section was proud to receive the following Awards for continued Valuable Services and Contribution to the Societies benefits.

Following Awards received by Section in 2019

  • India Council Section Chair Lifetime Achievement Award 2019 – NV Rao
  • 2019 IEEE Outstanding Branch Counselor and Advisor Award – Arifuddin Sohel
  • 2019 MGA Young Professionals Achievement Award – Vamsi Krishna J
  • India Council Outstanding Student Volunteer Award 2019 - Sai Prashant (Vardhaman)
  • IEEE Hyderabad Section received highest grant of 5000 USD for 2019 R10 Section Incentives - activities from Nov 2018 - Oct 2019
  • IEEE Signal Processing Society 2019 Chapter of the Year Award
  • PES High Performance Chapter Program

Richard E Merwin Scholarship Awards in 2019

January 2020

  1. Chakravathy Srinivas, VNR VJIET

  2. Divya Nalla, GPREC Kurnool

  3. Sai Teja, Geethanjali College of Engineering

  4. Madhuri Patnam Jayamukhi Institute of Technology and sciences

  5. Ramya Sri, MVSR College of Engineering

April 2019

  1. Ankita Gudla, VNRVJIET

  2. Niharika Vanka, Vardhaman College of Engineering

Volunteer Leadership Training Graduate (VoLT) from Section

  • Bala Prasad Peddigari (2019)
  • Narendra Ramya (2019)
  • Mousmi Chaurasia (2018)
  • Vamsikrishna J (2018)
  • Arifuddin Sohel (2017)

Following Awards received by Section in 2018

  • R10 Outstanding Large Section Award – 2018.
  • 2018 Outstanding Section Membership Recruitment and Retention Performance.

IEEE Hyderabad Section received following Awards

  • IEEE Computer Society Richard E Merwin Scholarship Awards
    • Niharika Reddy, Vaagdevi College of Engineering.
    • Akhil Aduvula, Vaagdevi College of Engineering.
    • Ganesh, VNR Vignan Jyoti Institute of Technology.

The following are the awards received in 2017

  • Dr. Koduri Srinivas on being awarded with the Region 10 Outstanding Volunteer Award.
  • Ms. Shaik Suraiah Thaseen for Outstanding WIE student volunteer award
  • Mr. Sai Thejeshwar for Richard E Merwin Award.

Some of the Awards received in 2016 and before

  • R10 Outstanding Large Section Award in 2012 and 2016
  • R10 Outstanding Volunteer Award (13 volunteers since 1996)
  • IAS most Vibrant Chapter: IAS/PES/PELS Joint Chapter
  • Darrel Chong Activity Awarded to IEEE Student Branches
  • Haraden Pratt Award from IEEE

Award Received from IEEE Society Head Quarters (2016)

  • MTT-SsBest Chapter Award, MTT/AP/EMC Joint Chapter
  • IAS Most Vibrant Chapter: IAS/PES/PELS Joint Chapter

Award constituted by the Section

  • Vibrant Student Branch Award
  • Emerging Student Branch Award
  • Lead Student Branch Award
  • Outstanding Volunteer Service Award
  • Distinguished Volunteer Service Award
  • Outstanding Support for Section Activities Award

Special Initiatives

The Section has constituted Future Directions and Committee for formulation of future activites and stategies. Conference committee to screen and recommend the conferences proposed by non-IEEE OU's for technical co-sponsorship. Two projects on EPICS have been executed. Electrical safety to prevent accidental deaths due to open wire power lines. Formed a committee to take up SIGHT activites. Taken up Skill Connect Program for improving the skills and employability for engineering students.

Significant Programs

Faraday Memorial Lecture

A milestone in Section’s history is the organization of an annual Faraday Memorial Lecture (FML) right from 1991, the 200th anniversary of Faraday’s birthday. It has been an annual event organised continuously since 1991. Some of the eminent speakers for FML are Prof. M Ramamurty, Mr. Elya B. Joffe, Dr Kodali V Prasad, Dr BL Deekshatulu et al.

FML Events (from 1991)

Other Programs
Fundamentals on Electromagnetic Theory by Prof Nannapaneni Narayana Rao, University of Illinois, USA. 3rd June to 11th June, 2009.
IEEE Hyderabad Section celebrated 125 years of IEEE and 25 Years of the Section on 26th July 2009. The then IEEE President Dr Moshe Kam was present to the celebrations. A Technical program with five lectures in advanced technologies was organised.
Section Student Congress and All India Student Project Contest – organized by IEEE-India AES/Com/LEO Societies Chapter, Computer Society Chapter and IEEE Hyderabad Section on 8th and 9th Aug, 2009
Workshop on Cloud Computing: A Workshop on Cloud Computing was conducted during December 21-23, 2009, in association with University of Hyderabad.
JC Bose Memorial Lectures
Graham Bell Memorial Lectures
Section involved in programs like TISP (Teacher In Service Program).
Section supported the BM Birla Science Centre Exhibits. The exhibits were created by Engineering students. All the exhibits stand with superior quality and crafted with care and attention to details. The project has created working exhibits of Sir C V Raman, J C Bose experiments.
Section releases a quarterly newsletter to its members.
Organized GOLD (Now called as YP), WiE Congress in 2013.
Section observes IEEE Week during first week of October every year.
Section supports meritorious students whose research papers were accepted in reputed international and IEEE conferences.

Growing the IEEE Leadership

IEEE Hyderabad Section supported formation of 3 sub-sections in the region enabling local leadership to conduct IEEE events and benefit the members.

IEEE Hyderabad Section has following sub-sections in her region.

  • Guntur
  • Vizag
  • Ananthapuramu
Conferences Organized by the Section
INDICON in December (2011)
TENCON (08 November 18-21, 2008)
ETSA (Enabling Technologies for Smart Appliances)
IEEE International Conference on Personal and Wireless Communications
Power Quality (1998)
ACE’97 Internet for India (1997)
IEEE Conference on Power Quality (1995)
IEEE/IAS International Conference on Industrial Automation and Control.
ACE November 1993
Distinguished Members of the Section
Dr. V. Prasad Kodali (LF) Region 10 Director 1981-82. ( First direct elect)
Dr. M. Ramamurthy (LF)
Dr. B.L. Deekshatulu (LF)
Prof. V.U. Reddy (LF)
Dr. M. Vidyasagar (F)
Prof. N. Viswanadham (F)
Kale Munmohan (LS)
Prof. DVR Vithal (LM )
Vallampati Ramamurthi (LS)
Prof. R S Sarma (LS)
Dr Yagnanarayana (LF)
Dr S C Bhargava (LS)
Mr C Satish (LS)
Dr N V Rao (LS)

Section Chairmen

S. No. Name
1 Prof. B.L. Deekshatulu (1984 - 1985)
2 Prof. E. Bhagiratha Rao (1986)
3 Mr. R.N. Sarma (1987)
4 Prof. P.N. Murthy (1988)
5 Mr. C. Satish (1989 - 1990)
6 Dr. S.C. Bhargava (1991 - 1992)
7 Dr. I. Gopal Reddy (1993 - 1994)
8 Maj.Gen. Dr. R. K. Bagga (1995 - 1996)
9 Mr. N.S.S. Prasad (1997 - 1998)
10 Dr. S. Raghunathan (1999 - 2000)
11 Prof. Arun Agarwal (2001 - 2002)
12 Mr. J.A. Chowdary (2003 - 2004)
13 Mr. R. Kannan (2005 - 2006)
14 Dr. M.B. Srinivas (2007 – 2008)
15 Dr. N.V. Rao (2009)
16 Mr M G P L Narayana (2010-2011)
17 Dr. Atul Negi (2012-2013)
18 Dr. Koduri Srinivas (2014-2015)
19 Dr. Merugu Lakshminarayana (2016-2017)
20 Mr. P V S Maruthi Rao (2018)
21 Mr. N Venkatesh(2019)


List of Events