Frequently Asked Questions

Git process

What is the Git process to be followed to update my Chapter / AG pages?

  1. Login to your GiHub account. Please create one at
  2. Select the ieeehyd-website/2018 repo.
    Now go to
    Fork the ieeehyd-website/2018 repo:
  3. Click on 'fork' located in the top-right corner.
    It means you will have a copy of the website repo into your own account.
  4. IF it says you cant't fork - if you have already the website repo in your account.
    Now you can rename or delete the repo in your account.
    Again attempt the Step 3 (Forking the website repo).
    Time taken to Steps 3 or 4 will be around 5 minutes or less. All you can do in your browser.
    Now you clone or edit the FORKED repo (NOT the ieeehyd-website/2018)
    If you are using Atom, Visual Code or any other tools of your choice. I recommend to use Visual Code from Microsoft. It is a great development environment. Of course, you can use Atom or any other tool of your choice.
  5. git clone
  6. Add / Modify your content. Please do use the folder that is relevant to your chapter.
    Technically, nothing prevents from adding/modifying content in the repo, please just use your chapter folders for easy merging.
    Git Commit and Push the changes
  7. Once you are done with your content modifications (files / folders), please commit and push the changes to your forked repo only. Usually, if you use Visual Code / Atom, it will prompt for userid and .
    Now your changes are in your forked repo. You can check in the GitHub Account
    Time taken for the Step 7: 5 minutes. Just login and go to your forked repo an verify the changes.
    All set to create a PULL Request.
  8. Create a pull request.
    Merging the PULL request
  9. The Pull request reaches the Admin of ieeehyd-website/2018
  10. Admin will merge the changes into main branch. If there are some issues, the pull request will be rejected.
    What if the PULL request is rejected?
  11. IF PULL Request is Rejected.. Go to the Step Step 5 and Follow the steps. In some cases, you have to fork again. This is one of the reasons, please limit your changes to your chapter folder only.
    Publishing the content on to the Web
  12. Admin will build the changes and pushes to web hosting.

More pages to add?

Can I add more pages to my Chapter and AG folders?

Yes. If the newly added pages are listed in the build. It needs some organization of pages section the mkdocs.yml to include the newly added file(s). Cotact [email protected] for support.