Skill Connect Program

A Standing Committee is formed with the intent of initially enabling the 'Skill Connect Program'. However, there may be other activities taken up later pertaining to Skill Development, as relevant from time to time. This is a Section Level initiative and for major decisions reports to the Section Chair.

'Skill Connect Program'(SK) is a Hyderabad Section's program, based on a bridging the gap between college education and Industry skill needs through competence building. The competence is expected to enhance employability in students early during college education. The program consists of intensive coursework with tutorials and workshops. The Program is conceved and implemented on the basis of the concept of 'Pattern Based Competency Bulding'(PBCB). Internships will be organized with industry for the qualified participants, after the program. Skill Connect 2 (2017) is in progress at Matrusri Engineering college now.

Hyderabad section aims to implement these programs in more colleges and evolve this into a sustained initiative of the Section and work towards enlarging it further.

As of now, the Section has signed an MoU with M/s Yash Technologies as Implementation partners. The IP and Brand are IEEE Hyderabad Section's and the implementation with mutually agreed financials among IEEE, the host institute and Yash.

The activities and programs under this initiative wil be managed by the 'Skill Connect Executive Committee' (SKEC) detailed in the subsequent sections. The Chair of the Standing Committee will be the chair of the Executive CommitteeSKEC.

Details of the Program Overview and the Prospectus

Standing Committee (2017)

Name Designation Organization Email Address
Mr. P Ravi Shankar Chair IIIT, Hyderabad
Dr. Kirti Garg Member Convenor IIIT, Hyderbad
Prof.Shatranjay Rawat Member IIT, Hyderabad
Dr. Nookala Srinivasa Rao Member Matrusri Engineering College
Mr. Bala Peddigari.. Member TCS, Hyderabad
Mr. Kuppa Gopalakrishna Special Invitee formerly ABB
Mr. Madhav Negi Special Invitee

Recent Activities

  • Skill Connect program implementation and value proposition – published in R10 Newsletter

  • Skill Connect Introductory sessions in colleges (3 in number)

  • Skill Connect Phase 1 completely in Matrusri Engineeering College


  • Skill Connect model and partial results of last year presented at the GHTC Conference 2015, in Seattle. Model received good review comments.

Past Events (2017 and before)

  • 22 Skill Connect Sessions

  • 28 L31 meetings (to be reported)

  • Skill Connect Phase 1 completely in Matrusri Engineeering College.

  • Skill Development Program at SR Engineering College, Warangal

  • Talk on Skill Devevlopment at Potti Sriramulu College, Vijayawada.

Rapid Skill Connect Program

  1. Rapid Skill Connect Program