IEEE EXHIBITS @ BM Birla Science Centre

IEEE Exhibits

The exhibits featured in the IEEE Exhibits are innovative methods to demonstrate complex scientific and engineering concepts to pre-university audiences. These include hands-on exhibits, multimedia presentations and teacher manuals. Hands-on exhibits enable visitors experiment, experience and learn through exploration.

Program objectives

  1. Provide educational interactive experiences for pre-university students of ages 13 to 18 in IEEE’s fields of interest.
  2. Illustrate fundamentals of science, computing, and engineering and their applications.
  3. Help create interest in science and engineering as a career path.
  4. Develop exhibits at a low cost so that they may be easily replicated in Science and Technology Museums around the world.
  5. Contribute to public awareness and understanding of electrical and computing technologies and their applications.


IEEE has provided the necessary funds, initially as a small challenge grant in 2010, and for the next three years as a major New Initiatives Grant.  Birla Science Centre made available the infrastructure, including about 6000 square-feet museum floor space. The two organizations joined hands to create IEEE Exhibits. IEEE Forum for Science and Engineering Exhibits (IEEE Forum-SEE) consisting of IEEE members, museum personnel, and volunteers from industry and academia planned and executed the development of these exhibits.  Between 16 and 20 exhibits are slated for development and fielding during 2010-13.  More than 100 volunteers, including several college and high-school students, contributed in the development of these IEEE Exhibits.

Download full report of the IEEE Exhibits here


General over view

Visitors to IEEE Exhibits

CV Raman experiment / exhibit

JC Bose experiment / exhibit

Fiber optics communications


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