Faraday Memorial Lectures

Faraday Memorial Lectures are organised on 22nd September Every Year. Stay tuned for 2018 Lecture!!!

1991 Prof M.Ramamurthy
1992 Prof.Amulya K.N.Reddy Energy Planning for India's Future
1993 Prof. P.V.Indiresan From The Laboratory To The Market
1994 Dr. K.Kasturirangan Satellite Launch Vehicle Development - An Experence in Self Reliance
1995 Dr. P.S. Deodhar Managing With Poor Qualilty Line Power In India
1996 S.N.Roy Break Power Scenario And Impending Financial Crisis In SEBs
1997 Prof. C C Chan Electric Vehicles
1998 Prof. Michel Poloujadoff The Optimisation Of Electrical Machinery: Personal Views And Memories
1999 Prof. Bimal K. Bose Fuzzy Logic and Neural Application In Power Electronics and Drives
2000 Dr. Chandra Krishnayya Role of Power Electronics Applications In The Development Of Future Power Systems
2001 Prof. Arun G. Phadke Secure Electric Power Supply
2002 Prof. Keene M. Matsuda High Reliability Power System Design
2003 Prof Alfio Consoli Advance Control Techniques in modern Electrical Drives
2004 Dr.B.L.Deekshatulu Multiple Facets of Electrical Engineering
2005 Dr. Kodali V Prasad Electromagnetic Interference
2006 Prof Ganti Prasada Rao Sustainable Development through Unification of Knowledge
2007 Dr.V.Umapathi Reddy Technologies for the Upcoming Wireless Communications
2008 Dr.Ashok Jhunjhwala Technologies for the Upcoming Wireless Communications
2009 Mr. Elya B Joffe Current if not Obstructed, will always flow in the "Path of least Impendance"
2010 Dr Juan Sanchez FIEEE Optimized Adaptive Industrial Control
2011 Fakir Chand Kohli Smart Grid
2012 Dr. Narain G Hingorani Importance of Power Electronics in Electrical Energy
2014 SS Mani Venkata 'Smart Grid : The Evoluation of Faraday’s Vision and Passion for Electricity'
2015 Narender ahuja INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH ACADEMY: An Effort Under Way to Strengthen National R&D Culture
2016 Prakash B Nayak “Transformation of Electrical Grid forEfficient Distribution of Energy & Reduce Green House GasEmission”
2017 Vahid Madhani Future of Power Systems
2018 Vahid Madhani New Age Technology for Bulk Power Transmission