Joint Chapter of IEEE CIS and GRSS

Joint Chapter of IEEE Computational Intelligence, Geoscience and Remote Sensing Societies



To be forefront in developing skills and leadership qualities through creation of ample oppurtunities for sharing knowledge, colloboration and networking for better future


To promote computional intelligence and related technologies in the areas of geoscience and remote sensing at Hyderabad


IEEE CIS/GRSS Chapter Hyderabad is a vibrant group having members from both Industry and academia with sole mission of promoting computational Intelligence technologies that are of societal importance and benefit the Human kind. In the recent years we have seen a phenomenal growth in value driven businesses and mobile platforms that provide valuable user centric services to individuals. On the other hand advances in Geoscience and Remote sensing has transformed our understanding of the earth, oceans, atmosphere, and space systems through improved processing and interpretation. Many of the outcomes are being utilized for societal benefits. The continious collections of data from multiple variety of sensors from multiple satellites is resulting in large volumes of data. The challenges associated with processing and understanding is presently of wide interests to industry, research organizations and academia. The current focus of the Industry is to develop systems that can learn, behave in an intelligent manner to maximize their automation, the growth in utilization of remote sensing data there is huge scope and potential in the growth of CI technologies. The main goal of the chapter is to bring together professionals from academia and Industry to share their research findings on these frontiers. Also, one of our objectives is to harness the skills of young professionals and students through their involvement in the chapter activities. Volunteers are the veins of the chapter, so we are in continuous look out for strong self motivated individuals to volunteer and steer the chapter to realize its vision. We welcome your suggestions and participations in our activities.


The Chapter was founded in 2011 by Dr. Amit Kumar. Dr. Amit Kumar chaired the chapter from 2011-2012. The chapter under his leadership received the outstanding CIS chapter award in 2013. Prof. Atul Negi chaired the chapter from 2013 to 2015. The present chair Dr. Naresh Kumar is steering the chapter from 2016 onwards. Under his leadership a computational intelligence, Geoscience and Remote Sensing societies joint chapter was envisaged and formed in 2017. His outstanding contributions as volunteer has won accolades from CIS resulting in yet another outstanding CIS chapter award for actitivites done in 2016.


IEEE CIS chapter Hyderabad Section has organized more than 25 events this year. We have organized hands on sessions, technical talks, workshops with experts from premier academic institutions and Industry such as Indian Statistical Institute kolkota, PES University, Mahindra ecole Centrale, Infosys and Microsoft. Recently, we have organized a flagship event titled “John Mc Carthy Memorial Lectures series” which is widely accepted by the CIS community. The first lecture was delivered by Prof. C.A. Murthy, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata and the Second lecture was delivered by Prof. Raghu Krishnapuram, Fellow IEEE. Recently, we have started GRSS flagship event titled "Richard Moore Memorial Lectures". The first lecture was delivered Dr. Paul A. Rosen, JPL, NASA. We propose to take forward our experiential learning to organize innovative programs that provide oppurtunities for all classes our memberships in 2018.

Executive Committee - 2020

CIS/GRSS Joint Society Chapter

Designation Name Organisation E-mail Membership No
Chair Hitendra Sarma SRIT, Ananthapuramu [email protected] SM 91168866
Vice Chair Mousmi Ajay Chaurasia MJ CET, Hyderabad [email protected] M 91191414
Secretary Vinit Kumar Gunjan CMR Institute of Technology [email protected] SM 92020956
Treasurer B Vijendra Reddy ADRIN, ISRO [email protected] SM 92775834
Member Ramkaran Rudravaram RCV Innovations Pvt Ltd [email protected] M 96353274
Member Sunni Kanta Prasad Kushwaha IIT Roorkee [email protected] M 95398046
Member N Usha Rani Vignan's Foundation for ST&R [email protected] SM 93890196
Member B Eswara Reddy Dept. of CSEl, JNTUACEK [email protected] SM 91242952
Member Tara Saikumar CMRTC, Hyderabad [email protected] SM 93809193
Immediate Past Chair M Naresh Kumar NRSC [email protected] SM 92101512

CIS Summer School Event

Announcement: "IEEE CIS Summer School on Emerging Research Trends in Computational Intelligence: Theory and Applications on November 26-30, 2020" (Virtual event) hosted by IIT Indore in collaboration with IEEE Hyderbad Section and IEEE Bombay Section.

Pre-College Materials

The CIS Pre-College Activities Subcommittee has prepared some CI-related introductory materials, which may be helpful for you to promote your activities for pre-college students and industry members. There are two packages, including the Artificial Neural Networks pack and Fuzzy Logic pack. You can find more details below:

Artificial Neural Networks pack comprises of:

An interactive power point presentation which examines how we learn using our brain and examines, what exactly is an artificial neural network A basic introduction to how an artificial neural network learns. Introduction to a simple Eyeball Neural Network and associated activity- how does the network learn to detect apples? A hands-on classroom activity where you get to identify features and classify items in a bag.

Download Artificial Neural Networks Pre-College material

Fuzzy Logic pack comprises of:

An interactive power point presentation featuring key facts and introductory information on fuzzy logic and fuzzy systems Two activity sheets, which can be completed as part of a classroom tutorial A Teachers lesson plan giving suggestions on how to use the teaching pack with timings for each section and a guide on how to run the activities

Download Fuzzy Logic Pre-college material

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Manuel Roveri [email protected] and Amir Hussain [email protected], from Pre-College Activities Subcommittee, or [email protected].

Please cite this website if you are using this material in your course work.


List of Events

Call for Volunteers

Volunteers are the blood line of the chapter. As a volunteer you play a key role in shaping the future of this chapter. You will get an oppurtunity to horn your leadership qualities and skills through organizing events and interactions with fellow members in our community. You will be the first to know latest happennings in your area of work or expertise. You will get oppurtunities to colloborate with top notch professionals working in the field of computational intelligence and geospatial technologies both from the industry and academia. Come join us and get the best out of yourself.

Get in touch with us or send your suggestions/queries to: Hitendra Sarma, Chairman, IEEE CIS/GRSS Joint Hyderabad Chapter